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Current VEX Robot, the Web Sentry

The VEX Robotics System is a fun little toy you can pick up at radioshack stores or online. I have found this to be the perfect all around robotics platform. It makes things like controlling servos, reading sensors ( analog and digital ), controlling outputs, etc. incredibly easy.

I foresee a robot with a VEX controller running the online code to interface the hardware and a linux computer as the brain. This will keep all the 'thinking' off the controller and allow it to do its real job, controlling hardware.




VEX Control Libs

Create a set of libraries or daemon to facilitate communication between a Vex controller running 'on-line' code and userspace applications (eg: a web based PHP/Ajax application). Over at the VEX forums, MarkO and others reverse engineered the Vex Online Code and have outlined the VEX Command Set. This is exactly what I needed to bring my ideas to life.

AC Power Supply

Build or modify existing AC adapter to power VEX controller.

Brainstorm Section

  • What would be the easiest and most portable language to use to write these libraries?
  • Will jvex allow this?
  • Are there already open source programs that do this?

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